Equipping Customers Since 2011

We Serve Oil, Gas, and Construction Customers

And We’re Damn Good at It

NOVA Oilfield Services was born in Williston. There was a real need to service oil and gas companies in the Williston Basin, so we got to work. A decade later, we serve a 100-mile radius, not only supplying oilfield equipment rentals, but also portable bathrooms and septic pumping services.

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We're Homegrown

We love Williston. And we love the people here, too. We were born here. Our kids go to school here. We do business with local businesses. And we are proud supporters of City of Williston events and other community initiatives.

The oil industry is volatile, but it’s here for the long haul. So is Williston – and so are we. We’ve survived the ups and downs of the oil industry. And we’ve refused to lay off anyone on our 13-person team, even when oil hit rock bottom. Our roots here run deep, and we’re not going anywhere.